Scanning range finder

Scanning range finder




  • ON/OFF delay
  • Minimum detectable distance configuration
  • Minimum detectable width configuration
  • Possible to register 16 areas by digital inputs
  • Malfunction output and 3 detecting output are provided
Model UXM-30LN-PW
Power source 10 to 30VDC
Light source Semiconductor laser (λ = 905nm), Laser safety class 1 (FDA)
Detection range and object Guaranteed range : 0.1 to 30m 
(500mm × 500mm of Black objects with 10% reflectance)
Distance accuracy 3,000lx or less : ±50mm
100,000lx or less : ±100mm
Angular resolution Approx.0.25°(360°/1,440 steps)
Scanning speed 50msec (Motor rotating number 1200rpm)
Interface USB Ver. 2.0 FS mode (12Mbps) for Area setting
Connection Power and input/output : wire cable
USB: connector (Binder brand : model number 09-0431-87-04)
Environmental effect Measured distance will be shorter than the actual distance under rain, snow and sunlight
Vibration resistance 10 to 55Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm Each 2 hour in X, Y and Z directions
55 to 200Hz, 19.6 m/s2 sweep of 2min Each 1 hour in X, Y and Z directions
Impact resistance 196m/s² Each 10 time in X, Y and Z directions
Protective structure IP67
Weight 800g
Dimensions(W×D×H) 124mm×126mm×150mm (excluding connector)
Image (on an express highway)

Image (on an express highway)