Insulating (FRP) materials

Insulating (FRP) materials

For electrical constructions and transmission facilities

Electric-proof work station


Appropriate for electrical constructions and transmission facilities 
(Maximum height of the working board is 3.9m)


  • 22,000V of endurance
  • 225kg of withstand load
  • Temporary type so that make installation easy
  • Made of FRP (Light and steady)
  • With outrigger (great stability)
  • Adjustable the work height (Max : 3.9m )

※Outrigger is regulation equipment
 Skirting board is optional

Single pipe made of FRP




Single pipe for electronical construction and transmission facilities.
Voltage resistance, steady and light.Also useful as the single pipe system.
Furthermore, offered reasonably.

  • Resist electricity
  • Resist rust
  • Light
  • Quieter than using copper pipe

※Blue is the regular color
※We can offer cramps, cramp covers, jack bases and Japanese cedar scaffold planks.

For electronical construction

Step ladder made of FRP


Basic needs for electronical constriction
It can be a ladder. We can also offer type 1.14m and 1.74m high

  • 20000V of tolerance

※Added reinforcement on the upper sides of the frames so that decrease the crook and flexure more
※Thick rubber stoppers Grippy and highly-resistant for electricity

One-piece bar hopper made of FRP


Essential for electronical constructions

  • 20,000V of tolerance
  • 4.04m long
  • 8.8kg

※Frames are all made of fiberglass
※Steps are Aluminum
※Big size rubber stoppers are useful for resisting electricity and avoiding slip.

Two-piece bar hopper made of FRP


Required goods for electronical constructions Extensible to max 7.52m

  • 20,000V of tolerance
  • Max 7.52m / 4.59m of reduction length
  • 24.5kg

※Hooks and belts are regular parts
※Frames are all made of fiberglass
※Steps are Aluminum