Inorganic sludge improved flocculant witch is friendly to the environment and ecosystem

To the environment and ecosystem, “SUIMU” is friendly flocculant.

“SUIMU” is possible to treat water with excellent quality, precipitating, decomposing and purifying the polluted water simultaneously without no regard of whether organic or inorganic of pollution drainage to be processed. In “SUIMU” processing, stability of the flock that is produced is very high, may not disintegrate easily. Also, there is no worry to re-elution or degradation.


  • Purification industrial wastewater, rivers, ponds, lakes and construction turbid water
    “SUIMU” is an inorganic flocculant is able to aggregate and purify the harmful substances that contaminate the factory drainage, rivers, ponds, lakes and construction turbid water.
  • It shows an effect on all water quality
    It can lead to the neutral region without a neutralizing agent without regardless of whether Acidic or alkaline of waste liquid. (ph4^10). Also, it achieves more than 10 times of the traditional processing speed. Moisture content of the aggregates is about 50%, leading to a reduction of various costs.
  • It detoxifies harmful substances such as heavy metals
    It is a new type flocculant can make toxic substances such as heavy metals contained in the waste solution non-elution. Can be secured to environment and animate beings.

Main perfprmances

Fixed separation function and adsorption of heavy metal ions Reaction mechanism
Ion exchange capacity (cation-anion)
Alkaline precipitation, co-precipitation and Replace
Interparticle potential drop of the floating suspension
Oxidation catalysis
Promotion of agglutination
Main ingredient is silicate-clay of natural minerals.
By adsorption and desorption-binding action by ion exchange function.
外観 :微粉末 嵩比重:0.875以上 反応:弱アルカリ

Appearance: fine powder
Bulk specific gravity: 0.875 or more
Reaction: slightly alkaline

Component configuration
Silicon oxide:SiO2
Calcium oxide:CaO
Aluminum oxide:AL203
Iron Oxide:Fe203
Other trace elements

Comparison with other products

  “SUIMU” Polymer flocculant Inorganic flocculants of other companies Remarks
Reaction time ×  
Aggregated form × Re-stirring
Precipitation rate × × Oil emerged
Tenacity of sludge Low High Medium  
Remuval capability of SS ×
Reduction capability of COD  
Reduction capability of BOD  

Comparison of the purification method

【 aggregation conventional methods 】


【 “SUIMU” 】


  • Process in the plant within 1/3
  • Processing time to 1/1000
  • And detoxify heavy metals



The aim of the usage

“SUIMU”:”SUIMU”50mg〜250mg per 1L.1/5〜1/20 of the usage compared to tradittional flocculants
※It depends on types of component in wate liquid.