Air ventilation blower

Air ventilation blower


 Air ventilation blower

  • Low-noise putting turbo blower and inverter board in the sound proofing box.
  • Constant air volume automatic control with only one button to operate.
  • There are type air-supplied, type exhaust air and type flammable gas-adaptive.

Spec & Size

Model SME-09037 SME-14055
Air volume(m³/min) 45〜90 70〜140
Static pressure(kPa) 14.7 14.7
Motor 37KW-2P-200/220V 55KW-2P-200/220V
Size L(mm) 1,700 1,700
W(mm) 1,990 1,990
H(mm) 1,620 1,620
Control Inverter Inverter
Weight(kg) 1,400 1,600

LONG DUCT(capsulated)

Long Duct

  • Low air leak Reduced fastener joints
  • Low air friction Reduced asperities
  • Easy to operate Mechanized work storing air pipes in the capsule

Spec & Sizes

Diameter(mm) 250〜400 500〜1800
Length(m) 50 100〜200